Perry County Community In Action Coalition

Perry County Community In Action Coalition

Gerry Brooks Giveaway!

We are so excited to announce that we have a big incentive for teachers to register for SHORT’s birthday! Could you kindly ask the CPC community to share with their local elementary schools that Gerry Brooks, education influencer, is gifting a motivational in-service session to one lucky school? To quality for this opportunity (value $4500) half or more of all K, 1, 2 grade teachers within the school must register by February 20.

Thank you so much for helping spread the word and all you are doing across our state! We need your support more than ever so we can get these 56,00 books in the hands of our emerging readers!!


CHOICE Resource Center

Coordinator Robertson shown with Rikita who is working summer camp at CHOICE resource center in Uniontown!!

Coordinator Visits Stakeholder, Berean Headstart

Mrs. Annie Robertson, Perry Community Coordinator shares a close relationship with Director Kynard and the staff Berean staff.  Her recent visit was to drop off Easter goodies for staff and parents.

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Back-To-School Rally and Health Fair

Annie Robertson, Coalition Coordinator, shown with Peer-Helper student and Dr. Pamela Payne-Foster, Professor, University of Alabama Rural Health Program  at back-to-school rally and health fair for Uniontown Schools.  

Horticulture Project

Pictured:  Annie Robertson, Perry County  Coordinator works in garden, planting morning glory flowers along fence, and monitoring Horticulture project that has provided hours of fun and joy for Peer-Helpers.

Peer Helpers, Chasity Lewis and Anjenique Wilson are busy painting their pots for horticulture project.  Perry Couny, Uniontown AL


Career Day

Career Day at Johnson High— coordinator ROBERTSON served as a guest speaker for a grades seven through 12. Pichard left Anthony Hayes of Birmingham Alabama and principal William Martin both former students of Mrs. ROBERTSON

Fun Day

Annie Robertson, Coordinator Perry County is pictured with Winter, Peer-Helper at Robert C Hatch High School during R. C. Hatch High School Fun Day held.

Pictured with Emefa Butler, Executive Director of CHOICE (Choosing to Help Others In our Community Excel) disseminating information, promotional items, and teacher appreciation gifts during Fun Day at Hatch High School, Uniontown Alabama

Free colorectal screenings offered at WRH; registration set March 16-17

by WAW Admin

It’s no secret that rural areas, especially in the Black Belt, have been left behind when it comes to quality health care.

Access to colorectal cancer screening is one of the major concerns to healthcare professionals, but residents in west Alabama are being given the chance to change that.

On March 16 and 17, Whitfield Regional Hospital will host a colorectal cancer awareness event. The goal is to register 60 adults for free colorectal cancer screenings. The screenings will be held at WRH from April 11-15.

The procedures are open to people in Marengo, Sumter, Choctaw, Greene and Hale counties. They are made possible through a collaboration among WRH, UAB Medicine and the O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center. WRH is a member of the UAB Health Systems Affiliates.

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States. It especially impacts African Americans which have the highest rate of any racial group in the country.

The good news is that colorectal cancer is both preventable and treatable. Colonoscopy screening can detect and remove precancerous growths.

“Our region has some of the highest rates of COPD, congestive heart failure, hypertension, diabetes and rates of cancer in our country,” said Doug Brewer, the chief executive officer of WRH. “This, coupled with the fact that it is also one of the most medically underserved areas of our country underscores the importance of programs such as the upcoming colonoscopy screening that we are planning in partnership with UAB.”

The awareness event and screenings are the first large scale event by UAB designed to increase awareness of colorectal cancer.

“UAB has been instrumental in helping us better provide care to our regional through telehealth and direct hands-on care for many of these chronic care patients,” said Brewer. “This support has allowed us to begin providing programs and services that have never been offered in this region.”


The Best Rap/Recovery Songs About Addiction

Click on the above image to hear recovery songs about addiction

Promotional Item Delivery

Coordinator Mrs. Annie Robertson delivered promotional items for the programs parents and students.  

New Coalition Members

Pictured Left: Newest coalition member, Ms. Jennifer Winn, Family Coordinator, Berean Head Start and Mrs. Katrina Easley, Director,  Perry County Extension

Coalition Members who were not camera shy. 


City of Marion



Perry County


Substance Abuse Crossword

Seven C's of Defeating a Drug Addiction

It is very important when dealing with a drug addiction to understand just what that is. A drug addiction is when an individual becomes dependant on any substance that impairs their normal ability. If you experience an emotional, mental and/or physical set back in anyway when you are without that substance for a reasonable length of time, there is a considerable chance that you are addicted.  

Denial is a key barrier in defeating a drug addiction. Many times individuals will say I am not addicted,
but their consistent reuniting with that substance cancels out what they are saying. However, when
you confess that there is a struggle, a signal of hope is sent to your mind, body and others around

It is virtually impossible to defeat a drug addiction when you place yourself in surroundings that make
drug use easily accessible and readily available. An individual must avoid environments and people
that create comfort zones for drug use.

Individuals become victims of unsuccess because they fail to embrace the power inside of them.
Individuals should know that the effort inside of them they used to start the drug addiction is
surpassed ten times by the power inside of them to defeat it. If that person realize that they have this
internal power, a rise is inevitable.

The mind is like a muscle, the more you exercise it the stronger it becomes. With that being said, there is value in going through daily mental meditations that reflect on the new person that is drug free and has successfully defeated their past addiction.

This is when an individual gets a pass to talk to themselves about themselves. This is called engaging in verbal affirmation. On a consistent basis get in front of a mirror and tell yourself that you are not the victim of that addiction, and that you have full control of your drug free destiny.

An individual will be more likely to continue enjoying their drug free life after successfully defeating an
addiction if they channel energy into healthy alternatives. Don’t just sit around, because that will give
your mind permission to regress. Find safe and fun things to do that will occupy your time and
promote the new you.

Get In Touch

If you desire to join the LCBBC, please contact  Annie Robertson at

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